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Who we are:

Ollum Consulting was founded to support family-owned and closely-held businesses navigate the many and various transitions that emerge out of growth and development across the life cycle of the entity. Transition points present challenges that require something new from organizations, families and the individuals that comprise them. It is the need for something new or the need to move out of the known into the unknown that demands leadership.

Our logo is the triple spiral or triskele. This ancient symbol has had numerous meanings throughout the ages but it almost always represents a trinity that comprises a whole. At Ollum Consulting the spiral represents the interplay between the individual, the family and the organization. It is bounded by a circle that signifies the whole created. The three spirals also represent the lifecycle of an individual, a family and an organization: youth, maturity, rebirth

We specialize in helping our clients develop leaders, leadership teams and organizational and family clarity regarding mission, vision, values and role clarity.